Join us for Spring 2011 Recruitment!


Jan 31 - Feb 2 (11am-2pm):  Talk to us on the Mall, at the SUB, and at the Library

Feb 7 (11am-2pm):  RESCHEDULED FOR MONDAY, FEB 7 DUE TO WEATHER!!!  Recruitment Kickoff!  Meet us at Dora's for smores and hot cocoa

Feb 7 (7pm): Breakfast at Tiffany's!  Join us for breakfast for dinner at the Pavillion

Feb 8 (7pm):  Camping Under the Stars at the east Village - let us show you why CampFire USA is so important to us!

Feb 9 (7pm): Tie Dye with Gamma Phi!  Make some new friends (and a little bit of a mess) at OC Hall

Feb 10 (7pm):  Preference Dinner (by invitation)

Feb 11 (7:45 pm): Bid Day (by invitation)!


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