As advocates for women, we envision a community where every girl and woman has the skills to succeed in life. To that end, we provide experiences and resources that build spiritual, mental and social resiliency in girls by supporting camping for girls, our international philanthropic focus.

Why does Gamma Phi Beta Sorority support camping?

Because camping is:

  • Visionary -- Camping for girls never goes out of style; it adapts to the current needs of society. Studies have proven the positive benefits of camping experiences, especially for children at risk.
  • Diverse -- Camps can be tailored to meet specific needs and concerns of children. Some camps help girls deal with issues such as a broken home or a physical disability.
  • Local -- All communities offer camping experiences. Whether through hands-on service or financial gifts, each member can play a part in providing the benefits of camping to young girls.
  • Proactive -- Camping for girls is a means to prevent problems. The wholesome, nurturing experience of camping can have a positive impact on lives during crucial formative years.
  • Environmental -- As our society becomes more urbanized, a camping experience provides a link to nature. By building an appreciation for the environment in our future leaders, society will benefit.

Camp Fire USA is one of the United States' leading not-for-profit youth development organizations, serving more than 650,000 participants annually in hundreds of communities. Camp Fire programs include small group experiences, after-school programs, camping and environmental education, childcare and service learning. These opportunities are designed to build confidence in younger children and provide hands-on, youth-driven leadership experiences for older youth.

We support our local Fort Worth Camp Fire Councils  through volunteer work, by providing financial support, and by sponsoring young girls in Camp Fire USA's Fort Worth camp, Camp El Tesoro.



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