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Gamma Phi Beta is one of the ten oldest women's organizations in the United States. Founded at Syracuse University on November 11, 1874, Gamma Phi Beta was established as a group solely for women on the male dominated Syracuse campus.

Gamma Phi Beta founders envisioned an organization that encourages women to seek their full potential as well as everlasting friendships. After its installment at Syracuse, Dr. Frank Smalley, a professor at the university, coined the word "sorority" especially for Gamma Phi Beta. Organizations created following the footsteps of Gamma Phi Beta have been called sororities ever since.

Now, more than 135 years later, we celebrate the vision and dedication of those women -- and all who have come since then -- who have built Gamma Phi Beta Sorority into one of the largest and most well-respected international sororities in the world. Gamma Phi Beta now has an international membership of over 175,000 members, with 123 chartered collegiate chapters and 170 alumnae groups!

Today, Delta Epsilon chapter maintains the traditions of the Gamma Phi Beta Sorority and has been committed to the bonds of sisterhood since its establishment as the first National Panhellenic sorority at Texas Wesleyan University in 1973.

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